Dr Maria Montessori liken a young child’s mind to a sponge that absorbs everything, given the right environment. She surmised that the first six years of a child’s life is “the most important period of life; the time when intelligence, man’s greatest tool, is being formed.”

It is our belief that the child is intrinsically eager for knowledge, fond of order and can self-regulate in a collaborative learning environment. We develop him for all aspects of life under these core domains – physical, social & emotion, cognitive, moral values, language and self-help.

Age appropriate practices and understanding of children’s milestones have been adopted in the careful planning of our curriculum. An environment rich in practical experiments, natural explorations and insightful experiences stimulates interest, curiosity, thinking skills, communication and confidence.


Cultural diversity is an integral part of Lil Footprints international community. We practice an inclusive environment where the cultural heritage and beliefs of children and their families are valued and respected.


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